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Mushrooms are an excellent food, thanks to their high protein content, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they have little caloric value (150g. Mushrooms give only 32 calories, less than a fruit) and are a delicacy in many countries all around the world.

Mushrooms comprise the majority of the dry substance (10%) of carbohydrates and proteins. The mushroom protein due to the presence of all essential amino acids, is of high quality, far superior to the vegetable proteins, approaching the quality of animal proteins.  Therefore, it would be useful to include them in every meal.

It is highly nutritious, providing many essential vitamins and minerals and are low in saturated fat and sodium, while reduced calorie:

Vitamin D: It strengthens your bones and gives you all the benefits of vegetables. Mushrooms are the only food non-animal origin with vitamin D.
Cluster B vitamins (biotin, niacin, riboflavin): essential for healthy metabolism and the blood cells.
Selenium: Small amounts of this trace element in mushrooms is a good way to recruit this antioxidant necessary component of various enzymes and important for thyroid function.
Anticancer properties: According to scientific studies, mushrooms have anticancer properties (especially with regard to breast cancer) and help boost the immune system.

CAUTION: Many kinds of mushrooms are toxic and some of them can even cause death, so it needs special care when collecting them.

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