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Agora of Flavours G.P. is a newly founded company based in Piraeus / Greece. Our job is to find and promote value-added Greek food all over the world.



Our products range, contains Organic products, P.D.O (Protected Designation of Origin) and P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) products, recognised and awarded products worldwide for their exceptional quality and taste, among which the famous Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives, Olive Paste, Honey, Mushrooms oyster, Blackberry Raspeberry, Truffle oil and other Truffle products.



All exported products, are produced only in Greece, have appropriate and necessary international certifications (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, BIO, BRC, IFS, FDA, USDA, KOSHER), are of high Greek quality products, can meet high taste demands and course offered to our customers at highly competitive prices.



At the moment we export to countries of the European Union, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Singapore and our next goal is all over Europe, USA, Australia, Canada as well as Third countries (United Arab Emirates, Africa etc.), targeting at a multinational character, increasing our partnerships worldwide.

  • ​Our primary goal is to always fulfil the regulatory requirements and those of our clients.

  • ​We work with certified suppliers which we have selected carefully in order the raw materials of products to constitute excellent quality.

  • We provide our customers access to every order.

  • We commit to provide the best quality, at the best possible time, with the best specifications.


Our vision is to spread the Greek products and to become the leading international Greek name, recognized for our quality and innovative Greek traditional food and drinks.

Promoting Greek gastronomical habits and culture, we aim to be introduced first in the preferences of international consumers.

Agora of Flavours G.P. meets the modern European culture with high priority its corporate responsibility. It is our commitment to contribute to global development, based on economical, ecological and social objectives.



We aim....


  • to strengthen our global presence and expand in all areas (such as food, sweets etc) providing only high quality products.

  • to promote products ONLY by Greek producers who respect the environment and use techniques and quality standards that prevent excessive wastage of natural resources.

  • to increase necessity and promotion of authentic Greek products in foreign markets.

  • to make all our clients understand the importance, the high quality and the high nutritional value of Greek products.

  • to our contribution to distinguish   more Greek products worldwide.

Choosing Agora of Flavours you gain:


  • Qualitative selection of products, at the best price,


  • Authentic Greek products, from people with passion and great taste,


  • Qualified human resources,


  • Perfect distribution network,


  • Best quality, at the best time,


  • After sales support,


  • Pursuance for a long and productive relationship with our partners, for a common and stable success and growth.


We can meet the high taste demands, under qualified high standards and that is the reason you must select us.


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